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I'm Not Like Everybody Else

And I don't wanna live my life like everybody else

Veet Voojagig
10 September 1984
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Hiya, I'm Veet. I'm an aspiring graphic designer, trying to work up enough money to go to school and get trained for it. I'm currently living on my friend's couch. Yeah. What a life.

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8-bit theater, acting, american gods, anborn, ankh-morpork, anne bishop, aragorn, b-movie comic, banshees, bedlam's bard, beleg, black jewels trilogy, boromir, casanunda, celeborn, celebrimbor, dancing in the rain, desmond, desmond david hume, desmond hume, discworld, door, dorfl, douglas adams, dragon*con, dragons, dwarfs, dwarves, earendil, eddie izzard, elves, eric banyon, estel, fantasy, faramir, feminism, firefly, flight of the conchords, galadriel, gay rights, girl genius, glom of nit, golems, gondor, goo goo dolls, good omens, graphic design, graphics, hedgehogs, heralds of valdemar, heroes, hex, hobbiton, hobbits, icons, insulting legolas, jaegers, lancre, languages, linguistics, lord of the rings, lost, magnus banyon, making fun of legolas, making icons, margaret atwood, melissa etheridge, melkor, mercedes lackey, meriadoc brandybuck, merry, middle earth, mists of avalon, monty python, mst3k, nanowrimo, nathan petrelli, neil gaiman, neverwhere, noah bennet, order of the stick, oryx and crake, otherland, parody, peregrin took, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, ponder stibbons, pseudopolis, reading, richard mayhew, rivendell, roleplaying, rping, sam vimes, sandman, sayid, sayid jarrah, shakespeare, silmarillion, sindarin, slash, sto helit, sto lat, tad williams, telcontar, terry pratchett, the elvenbane, the grateful dead, the handmaid's tale, the kinks, the marquis de carabas, the muppets, the theory of relativity, tolkien, trolls, tuor, valdemar, vampires, voltaire, webcomics, werewolves, witches, wizards, wizzards, writing, zach/bennet, zaphod beeblebrox, zombies